Here Are All the Things Women Would Supposedly Give Up Sex For

Here Are All the Things Women Would Supposedly Give Up Sex For

When a new survey from Nair came out last week reporting that millennial women would give up sex to be free of unwanted body hair, it really got us thinking: are women just not having good sex? These kinds of surveys come across our desks a lot and willingness to ‘go celibate’ is surprisingly a prettyyyy common denominator. A lot of women are willing to forgo sex for, well, a wide variety of other thingsaccording to these random sampling of brand surveys, anyway. (Related: We asked people if they’d rather give up sex or working out.) 

Just look at this list! Women would give up sex for… 

  • Unwanted body hair. Thirty-nine percent of millennial women would give up sex for a month to be free of unwanted body hair for one year, according to a Nair millennial women study. 
  • Not getting sick. Twenty-six percent of women reported that they would pass on sex for a year if it meant they would not get a cold or the flu (compared to just 9 percent of men), according to Clorox survey results.
  • Better hair. Women who are experiencing signs of hair loss and thinning are 75 percent more likely than women who aren’t experiencing hair issues to give up sex for a month in exchange for better hair, this according to Keranique hair care survey results.
  • Clear skin. Twenty-four percent of women would be willing to give up sex for six months in order to have clear skin, according to a survey conducted by skincare brand Curology. 
  • A good meal. Almost 75 percent of women find a good meal to be more enjoyable than sex, according to recipe delivery company Home Chef. 
  • Their iPhone. Almost one-third of Americans would choose three months of no sex versus a week without their smartphone, according to a survey from mobile intelligence developer Delvv. (To be fair, this survey didn’t differentiate between men and women.)
  • Sleep. Seventy-eight percent of women prefer sleep over sex, according to the Harris National Study.
  • Money. Half of the women surveyed by All You magazine said they’d give up sex for six months if it meant they would save $2,500. 
  • Online peace of mind. Forty-four percent of women would give up sex to avoid hacking, identity theft, or account breaching, according to password management app Dashlane. 

The only answer we could come up with to explain why women would swap sex for so. many. things? Maybe lots of us aren’t having good sex! We’ve got you covered with a sampling of tips that night make you change your stance on the matter the next time you happen to be polled for a random survey.

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