Man Creates Cutest Marriage Proposal Ever By Running 150 Miles

The gym seems to spark a lot of marriage proposal ideas, and a workout is the perfect place to bare your (rapidly beating) heart. We’ve seen sweaty marriage proposals happen during races, on the weight floor, in a canoe, during Zumba, and even in the middle of a fitness class. But one California runner, Neil Taytayan, just one-upped them all. Taytayan spent one year and 150 miles curating the perfect fitness marriage proposal using his running app to spell out “Chelle will you marry me?” (Recently engaged? Check out our 10 New Rules for Wedding Season.)

After mapping out each individual letter beforehand, he ran the route and documented it with the run mapping feature on his phone. With every step up and down the grueling hills of San Francisco, he wrote out his love for his girlfriend. Then he covertly started an Instagram account where he posted each picture in between snaps of the happy couple. When his grand gesture was at last completed he took his girlfriend Maricel “Chelle” Calo on a run in Hawaii and unveiled the account.

“Her initial reaction was, ‘Are you serious?'” Taytayan told Runner’s World. “I was thinking, ‘Of course, I did not run 150 miles just to prank you!’ Instead, I calmly said, ‘Yes, I’m serious, will you marry me?’ She cried and said, ‘Yes!'”

Using running apps to draw pictures is one of social media’s most fun trends (and funniest—check out how this Runner Makes Drawings with Nike+ Map) and Taytayan said he got his creative marriage proposal idea when Calo helped him run a “2014” route on New Year’s Day of that year. “After I completed the run, she jokingly said that next time I have to do her name,” Taytayan said. “That gave me an idea to run my proposal.” (Think you’re ready to settle down with your sweetie? Find out How Soon Is Too Soon.)

“I wanted my proposal to be unique and memorable: a proposal with exciting story that I can share with my children,” Taytayan added. We think he definitely succeeded! (And made a good case to be added to our list of Fitness Fairy Tales from Real-Life Couples.)

The happy couple hasn’t set a wedding date yet, but they’re sure of one detail: Their nuptials will definitely involve running. This is one wedding album we can’t wait to see!

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