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  • Processing Pain – The Heron Clan
  • Sadism, Masochism, Consent and All That – Adventures in Sexuality
  • Processing Pain – The Submission Mission
  • The Path of Pain: Spiritual Processing Pain – The Multiplicity of Me
  • How to Build Up Pain ToleranceWhat is Pain? – What is Pain? How do we respond to pain? These are just two of the questions Lee Harrington addresses in this 7-minute video. In a culture that seeks to eliminate pain, how do we experience pain and discuss that experience with our partners? Lee’s definitions, insights, and recommendations are sure to help us understand each other and communicate better as well.

    Pain Processing

    – Lee Harrington’s second video on pain is a 15-minute discussion on how to adjust (increase or decrease) the amount of pain we take. Lee offers various techniques (body movement, vocalization, breathing, focus, etc.) and shares his wisdom on the motivations and intentions for pain play. If you like to give or receive pain, this video is for you!

    What Does it Mean if You Like SM Porn?

     – Clinical Sexologist Dr. Robert Dunlap explains the psychology behind an interest in sadomasochistic (or “SM”) porn. He reassures you that it’s not a matter of being sick, but rather a mental process that helps you live out your fantasies.

    Spanking: Physical Responses

     – Scotty and Alex cool down after all the spanking action of the previous clips by talking about the physiology of this kind of impact play. There are a lot of things that can go on, from reddening of the skin to the “leathery” feeling from a lot of spanks. Alex gives her perspective and her favorite methods while Scotty reminds us that everybody’s different

    Body Language for Impact Play

     – Stefanos and Shay discuss and demonstrate body language during impact play throughout this six-minute video. They identify many common nonverbal cues, though the reactions of bottoms/submissives vary; and Stefanos and Shay suggest ways to respond.

    How to Make a Masochist

     – Mistress Servalan discusses the essentials of making a masochist during this eight-minute video. She highlights the importance of positions, connection, appreciation, timing, choice, pacing, courage, and a variety of other topics and feelings throughout the clip. And she demonstrates a few techniques as well.

    Cathartic Play

     – What is cathartic play, why do it, and what do you need to do it? Rhiannon answers these questions and more in her thoughtful and honest 5-minute discussion. Watch, and allow your kink to help process your everyday life. A great video for anyone interested in more intense and intimate sexual experiences.

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