Shape on the Street: Would You Rather Give Up Working Out or Sex?

Working up a sweat has tons of benefits for the mind and body: It releases endorphins and can boost your mood; has been known to help relieve migraines; can improve mental performance in the part of the brain associated with learning and memory; can make you less depressed; and can help improve your immune function and fend off viruses.

Wait, did you think we were talking about working out? Gotcha! Those are actually five surprising benefits of sex. (Here are 8 More Benefits of Sex That Have Nothing to Do with an Orgasm.) Plus, sex can be a workout itself! As we previously reported, you can burn anywhere from 85 to 250 calories every time you have sex, plus work different muscle groups, depending on how many positions you try.

Of course, getting it on in the gym has countless benefits as well. It’s good for your waistline, your heart health, and has even been linked to a substantially reduced risk of breast cancer and lung cancer. On top of a stronger and healthier body, it can do a whole lot of good for your mental health too (and the benefits are remarkably similar to sex!). Studies show exercising can reduce stress, boost creativity, alleviate anxiety, sharpen our memory, and boost overall brain performance. (Plus, here are 7 Ways Exercise Make You Better In Bed.) 

Whichever way you spin it, if you find yourself panting and working up a sweat it’s probably a very good thing!  So, we hit folks with one of the hardest ultimatums out there: Would you rather give up working out or sex?! Since the brain releases dopamine, the ‘reward chemical’, in response to both exercise and sex, the answer isn’t as easy as you might think! (Find Out How One Woman Overcame Her Exercise Addiction.)

Watch the video to see how these men and women responded. Up next, we ask people if they’d rather give up caffeine or sugar!

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