There's a Reason Why You Think Guys Who Eat Healthy Are So Hot

There are *many* factors that go into whether or not you’re attracted to someone (hobbies, level of emotional intelligence, looks). But there are also elements you’ve probably never considered that play a role in attraction—and TBH, they’re pretty fascinating. (BTW, how important is perceived attractiveness in a relationship?

Take a recent study in the journal Evolution & Human Behaviorwhich involved women sniffing t-shirts that guys had worked out in (seriously). It found that women preferred the BO of men who ate diets high in fruits and veggies. Men who ate a ton of carbs? Their post-workout stench was apparently less appealing. FWIW, researchers also found that men who ate meat didn’t necessarily smell worse, but women thought their scent was more intense. Hmmm, yeah. 


Picnic smiles!

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And while scent and attraction might sound like an odd area of research, smell is a big part of who we fall for (and how), so these findings aren’t as out-of-left-field as they seem. (Related: The Link Between Love and Attraction In the Brain)

Not to mention that mutual appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle is something that’s known to draw people together—this woman even met her match during a 5K—and your relationship is directly linked to your health in numerous ways. 

Guys who love their burgers and their beer can be just as sexy, but there is something to be said about hot guys and healthy food (we know because we did the oh-so-hard research!). While sadly #hotguyswhoeatveggies is not a trending hashtag (we checked), there is the vegan Instagram account @thehappypear from two good-lookin’ brothers.

There’s also the @fitmencook phenomenon. Kevin Curry, the guy behind the account, posts healthy meals on the reg to more than a million followers. Oh, and BTW, this is what he looks like.


Happy mid-week #mealprep! Does anyone else eat the food while you’re cooking that you don’t have enough left over to make complete meals? Lol Story of my life! Remember, we move closer to achieving our goals with EACH decision we make – so decide wisely! if you’re prepping at least something this week! Boom. : @imsofocusedvisioned (traduccion abajo) —– Feliz día de preparación de comidas entre semana! Hay alguien como yo que come tanta comida mientras que cocinas, que no tienes suficiente para hacer una comida completa? Jaja Hago siempre! Recuerde que acercamos nuestros objetivos con cada elección que hacemos – así que debemos decidir sabiamente! si estás preparando por lo menos una merienda esta semana! Bum.

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What’s more, Curry’s account has inspired more than 155,000 posts using the hashtag #fitmencook. So if clean eating is a prerequisite for a future partner, you’re welcome.

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