We Are Here for Amber Rose's Defense Of Women Who Carry Condoms

The unapologetic social-media star, who has gained notoriety in the past for her contentious relationships with ex-boyfriend Kanye West and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, doesn’t mince words when it comes to a woman’s right to own her sexuality.

On the latest episode of her Friday-night VH1 talk show, The Amber Rose Show, Rose offered a candid, empowering response to an audience member who took advantage of the show’s Q&A segment to ask about whether or not women should be derided for carrying condoms.

“How can I be safe without scaring guys off?” a young woman in the audience began. “In order to protect myself, I always have condoms on me…but when I bring them out, I will have such shocked responses. Men will be like, ‘She must be a slut!'”

Rose was simply not having that. “No, no, no — don’t ever change that,” she responded emphatically. “As women, we always things we have to change ourselves, we have to dumb ourselves down,” she continued. “We gotta do whatever the fuck we wanna do! And if that means you gotta be single for awhile, until that one man comes along and says you know what, I appreciate you having condoms, girl, that means you take care of yourself, that you protect yourself.” No one should have to apologize for taking care of themselves.