5 Dangerous Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Narcissist

There is a very fine line between being confident and narcissistic. For the untrained eye, the confident guy and the narcissistic guy can look exactly the same – even when that’s far from being the case. When you’re just starting to get to know a guy, it might be really hard for you to tell if he’s just being self-assured of he’s being plainly narcissistic – and that’s vital. You always need to make sure that you aren’t dating a real narcissist. If you do, things are never going to work out. Narcissists are virtually incapable of sustaining healthy relationships because of their inability to get intimate and be selfless.

If you really are dating a narcissist, then you are in for a real emotional rollercoaster – and it’s not going to look pretty at all. Yes, confidence can be very attractive in a guy. It’s so much easier to fall in love with someone who exudes a certain sense of confidence. It also makes you more confident to be with him as well. But again, it’s very important that you are able to make that delineation between a confident person and a narcissist. The truth is that we all live in a very self-obsessed world these days. In this age of social media, it’s so easy for narcissists to find a platform to put themselves on full display.

But is a man who is active on social media really a narcissist? Well, not necessarily. And the ambiguity of it all can make it really hard for you to pass accurate judgment. However, as has already been mentioned, it’s really important for you to be able to spot the difference – for your own sake. You wouldn’t want to have to put yourself through the unfortunate experience of being in a relationship with a self-obsessed narcissist. And that’s really not easy. A lot of times, narcissism can just look like self-assuredness and confidence. And these aren’t necessarily bad things, right?

It’s always nice that you are able to attach yourself to a man who has no self-esteem issues. But there are some very subtle ways in which you will be able to tell the difference between a narcissist and a confident person. It’s all in the nuances of his behavior and his demeanor. A confident person is going to be able to put faith in themselves to succeed. But a narcissist is always going to put themselves on level that is higher in relation with other people. It’s not intrinsic. It’s all dependent on how they see themselves in comparison to others.

Does that make sense to you? If not, then that’s okay. That’s too simplistic of an explanation. Just read on until the end of this article so that you can get a better idea of what a narcissistic man really looks like. And once you spot these red flags in any guy that you’re dating, then it’s best for you to jump ship right away. Narcissistic men are master manipulators, and if you let yourself be vulnerable with one, then he is going to prey on you with reckless abandon.

1. He talks about himself all of the time.

It’s as is he’s virtually incapable of having any kind of conversation that doesn’t revolve around him. His favorite topic is himself. He manages to bring all topics of conversation back to him. He will find a way to inject himself into any kind of discussion. Unless the talks revolve around him, he’s not going to be interested at all.

2. Your opinions are irrelevant to him unless they perfectly jive with his own.

He thinks that he’s always right. He believes himself to be someone who is incapable of doing any wrong in this life. And if you contradict him, he’s going to think that you’re wrong and he isn’t going to even pay you any mind. He’s just going to automatically dismiss whatever misgivings that you might have.

3. He places his own personal needs above yours ALL OF THE TIME.

He never asks you what he can do for you. He never asks you about what he can do to make the relationship better. All he is ever really concerned about is what you can do to serve him and meet his needs. He’s only ever really concerned about his own expectations being met.

4. He only ever acts kind towards you when he wants you to do something for him.

You know that there is always some ulterior motive with him. He only ever acts kind and nice towards you when he needs something. Otherwise, he just keeps to himself and he does his own thing without caring for you.

5. He loves it when other people are more miserable than him.

He takes great joy in sharing misery with others. It’s not enough that he is ahead – he wants other people to really suffer and get left behind.

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