Can Anal Sex Be Pleasurable?

Ladies, we have a confession to make; we know how much anal sex you’re having. It turns out that at least 1 in 3 straight women in the US has tried anal at some point in her life. The National Institutes of Health performed a study in January 2016 on the prevalence of heterosexual anal intercourse among men and women. Thirty percent of women and 35 percent of men reported having HAI in the previous year. Women who reported having tried anal were usually in their 20s and reportedly had higher levels of both income and education. While anal sex was equally common among women of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, it was more common among those who were either married to or already living with their partners than it was among single women.

Can Anal Sex Be Pleasurable?

It turns out that being single or affiliated with a certain religion were major factors that contributed to the results of the study. For instance, those who said they had anal sex within the last year were more likely to be in a relationship and not very religious at all. Some of the other major factors that contributed to the results included having had sex with women, having had an unintended pregnancy, being younger than 16 at the time of first intercourse, and being treated for an STI within the past year. It is important to remember that this study was focused on heterosexual women, so it doesn’t apply to all genders and sexual orientations. However, researchers concluded that if this many women are having anal sex, there needs to be more awareness about it.

Filthy Gorgeous first published an article on August 23, 2015 about how mainstream anal sex has become. We discussed the idea that anal sex should be taught in sex education classes in high school in order for students to learn more than one way of having safe sex. Sex education is a tricky subject because there are so many different opinions on how it should be taught, on what should be taught, and on who should be doing the teaching. However, this study proves that anal sex is not just reserved for homosexuals or the sexually adventurous. Anal sex is for everyone and everyone needs to be educated on the topic. Positioning is different, lubrication needs are different and just because you are using a different entrance to the body, there is still a risk of contracting diseases and the proper protection needs to be used.

With the proper education, anal sex can be even more pleasurable than before. It adds variety to your sex life and brings you closer together with your significant other. You can use anal toys such as anal beads, orgasms. However, none of this is possible until you know the correct way to have anal sex. You know what they say—the way to a woman’s heart is through her butt. Well, no one says that but it’s true.

Both sexes can benefit from adding anal sex to the list of new things to try in bed. For many women, doing anal sex is considered naughty and almost every woman harbors a fantasy of being a “naughty girl.” There is a reason people love school girl uniforms and bondage. Try playing out a fantasy that she would find tempting, and then ask her to do anal. She might be so turned on by the idea of completing her fantasy that she will not mind you getting your turn at her backdoor. Anal sex is something you can do in secret and nobody will ever know you were naughty except you and your girl — which is part of the fun. Plus, there’s the bonding experience of doing something together for the first time, even if it’s just a first for one of you.

For men that enjoy having anal sex, they like it because it feels amazing. It is a totally different sensation than regular sex which makes for an interesting time. In other words, it is a completely alien feeling that she is not used to, therefore, it makes it intriguing. Meanwhile, the rectum will just suck up your penis tighter than any vagina will. To increase her pleasure, play with her clitoris to really send her into the stratosphere, and consider buying her a sex toy to enhance the experience even further. It is even possible for women to have orgasms from anal sex.

However, there are some cons to anal sex that every couple should consider before trying it. Anal sex is all about mental attitude. If someone was brought up to think that anal sex is a degenerate and dirty act, then it can be hard for anyone to thoroughly enjoy the delights it can bring. If a woman is nervous or scared, she will not be able to relax her muscles fully, and it will end up being painful. The vagina stretches to let in a penis and give birth, but a rectum does not. Therefore, you can cause searing pain if you don’t prepare her properly. Ask if it is her first and then use plenty of lube, and going in very slowly. Do not pound into her like a jackrabbit, or a T-rex.

Unless you are both squeaky clean, a woman can be uneasy about having anal sex and for this reason, she might decide to avoid it altogether. However, if she uses an anal douche ahead of time, or even just a thorough wash-up in the shower, and makes sure her bowels have been emptied an hour before, she’s almost certain to avoid any messy accidents. You can always suggest taking a sexy bubble bath or shower together before lovemaking so that way she feels more confident letting you explore.

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