Double The JOI, Double The Fun!

October 9, 2018 |
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by holly-kingstown


Two Times The Teen Fun!

Alley Lipstick is the paler of these two teen lovelies and she is an amateur porn performer from Camden, New Jersey. She invites a friend over for some solo masturbation fun and some mild jerk off instruction and it all is definitely a good time. They start by removing their cotton panties together and they recline and get right to the business at hand.

Both of them lean back and give quite the solo masturbation show. There is not very much and really any at all lesbian action between the two which is almost refreshing given how much that tends to happen in these type of setups. Nope, they are both women who are motivated by their lust for cock and they just so happen to like to hang out naked together and masturbate with their knees right up against each other. You know, totally like every straight woman out there does with her friend. I was just doing that the other day with a dear friend of mine.

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